letting go of grudges~letting go of people~moving on (:

i love being in the presence of my friends. having them around makes me so happy and reminds me why its good to be alive. once a ‘friend’ turns on you but then apologizes, it’s ideal for that apology to be sincere and meaningful so you can both move on and continue the friendship that you’ve had. thats not the case here…you slept in my bed, you ate my food asked me for rides all while hiding behind a lie that you were well aware of. seems like you think ill come around one day but that won’t happen. im more than happy you have you out of my life. i cant wait to meet friends who will be there for me and have my back and no way in hell steal the boy(cause hes definitely no man ha) im talking to, lie to my fucking face, and then pretend like nothing happened. and to continue talking to him rather than be my friend? im sure youre going to have a lot of fun with that. especially becuase you’re on different sides of the country? your priorities are obviously very fucked up and i honestly hope they stay that way. maybe one day youll feel the same pain youve cause others to feel but i wont be there to see you fall. i wont be there to see any of it. ill be living the life im supposed to live with kind caring people who want nothing but happiness for me. looking forward to it:)

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